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  YANG Ling   Female, Professor, master tutor, doctoral tutor. She graduated from Beijing International Studies University with a master degree in 1993 and graduated from the Center for Japanese Studies in Beijing Foreign Studies University with a doctor degree in 2007. She has been to Japan Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Aichi University of Science spring to conduct researches, promote exchanges and give lectures. She presided over the Beijing People's Broadcasting Station "Japanese 300 Sentences" broadcast lectures and CCTV "Daily Japanese" television talk show respectively in 1997 and 1999. She once presided over a number of research projects like education reform, university key research projects, building of university teaching teams and so on. She participated and won the first prize in the evaluation of 2008 Beijing education teaching achievements. And she has also participated and won Beijing outstanding teaching team award in 2009. And in the same year, she was included in the "Beijing plans to deepen the teaching talents and strengthen the fostering of young backbone Talents" project launched in 2010.

   Main research areas: Teaching and Translation theory, Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics Study between Japanese and Chinese

   Major Achievements:  published the monographs named "Japanese offering and receiving moving phrase structure significance", "Hotel Japanese" (co-author), edited "Japanese Language and Cultural Studies" fourth series and "Sino-Japanese simultaneous interpretation textbook series", the textbooks and so on; issued "Discussion on Fostering interpreter personnel Teaching system of" on magazines like "Japanese learning and research", "Japanese studies", "Linguistics", "Chinese and Japanese linguistics theory" and "Japanese offering and receiving moving phrase - patient movement holds Techno meaning", " simultaneous Interpreting skills training and interpretation criteria "," V Te ku Ritz Hikaru structure and meaning ", "dynamic and trends in Japanese studies analysis”, published nearly 20 papers in " CAI Application and research "in Foreign Language Teaching ; "Simultaneous Interpretation in Japanese and Chinese Textbook Series"was included in the 2009 Beijing Higher quality materials project. She published "Simultaneous Interpretation Skills Training and Simultaneous Standard" on "Japanese Learning and Research", "Literature Translation Zero Translation Phenomenon" to "Date and Teaching of Translation Theory and Practice Model" and other academic papers.

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