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  ZHOU Lie  Male, born in May 1954, member of CPC , professor, doctoral tutor. From April 2008 to November 2014, he had been serving as the president of Beijing International Studies University and the director of the Academic Committee. In 1978, he graduated from Oriental and African Department of the Beijing International Studies University and stayed as a teacher there. In June 2000, he received a doctor degree in literature. He has been to Syria, Yemen and Egypt for both learning and teaching. He once served as the deputy director of the department of Arabic in Beijing Foreign Studies University, deputy director of president office, director of president office, president assistant, vice president and deputy secretary of the Party Committee. He won the first prize in Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences outstanding achievement and the second prize in the National Steering Group for Arabic teaching and the National Research University Teaching Excellence Award and other awards. In 1998, he got the second award in the leadership of Beijing University Cadre theoretical articles. In 2002, he achieved the third award in the leadership of Beijing University Cadre theoretical articles. The main academic part-time jobs : deputy director of the National Steering Committee for the Teaching of Foreign Language Committee, chairman of the Arabic Sub-Committee, vice president of the Chinese Society of the Middle East, secretary of China and Arab Friendship Association and China and Saudi Friendship Association and so on.

   Main research areas: Arabic language, culture and literature.

   Major Achievements: Monographed four series: "Arabic linguistics", "Arabic and Arab culture", "Arabic text linguistics", "Practical Arabic Grammar"; four translation works: part of "World Short Stories Toys Library" , sections of "foreign treasury famous essay", the third and fourth volumes of "Arabian Nights," , sections of "Arabian fairy tale" ; published and translated more than 30 representative papers: "flowers never fade Folk Literature - Arabian Nights "," Contacts from Words from foreign culture ", " On importing Arabic teaching culture , "" Globalization impact on the Arab World, "" The democratic process in the Arab world "," Arab world harmony and development ". Co-published three textbooks: "Basic Arabic," four volumes, "Arabic reading" and "Practical Arabic grammar".

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