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  Dr. Zhang Xihua, professor of cross-cultural communication and cultural studies in Beijing International Studies University, Dean of the School of Non-Common Languages, Director of the Academic Affairs Division of BISU, Doctoral Supervisor.

  Education experience:

1.1989-1993, Hunan Normal University, BA. Majoring in English language and culture.

2.1999-2001, Hunan Normal University, MA.  Majoring in English language and culture.

3.2005-2008, Beijing Language and Culture  University, PHD. Majoring in English literature and cultural studies.

4.Visiting Scholar of Copenhagen University in 2006-2007

International Research Experience:

1. 2006-2007 Visiting scholar in Copenhagen  University sponsored by CSC (China Scholarship Council).

2. 2011 Visiting scholar in Copenhagen University sponsored by China Social Science Fund Committee.

Major Academic Papers Published:

1. Where is Cultural Studies Turning to? Journal of Heilongjiang Social Sciences, No.1, 2015.

2. Reexamining the Dilemma of Cultural Studies, Journal of Heilongjiang Social Sciences, No.1, 2015.

3. On the Ecological Insight of American Disastrous Science Fiction, Study and Exploration, No.11, 2014.

4. On Maxine Hong Kingston’s Strategy to Build her Cultural Identity, Journal of Social Sciences, No. 5,2013.

5. On the Deep Reasons of Chinese Images in the West, Study and Exploration, No.8, 2013.

6. An Ideal of Cross-cultural Communication Between Chinese and Western Cultures, Chinese Cultural ResearchSpring Volume, 2013.

7. Retrospect, Reflection and Prospects: Cultural Studies in ChinaChina Media Research, No.3,2012.

8. Culture Studies Out of Theorists’ Libraries: Ben Agger’s Cultural Studies on the Society of Spectacle, Study and Exploration, No.1, 2011.

9. Cultural Confrontations in Justin Hill’s Drink and Dream Teahouse, Journal of Social Sciences, No.12, 2010.

10. Feminist Cultural Studies in Postmodernist Perspective, Social Science Journal, No.5 2010.

11. What is Culture Studies, Journal of Shanghai University, No.52010.

12. Cultural Studies in China, Study and Exploration, No.5, 2010.

Books Published:

1.Monograph, Cross-cultural Study of Justin Hill’s Works, 2008, China Federation of Literature Publishing House.

2.Translated work,Ben Agger’s Cultural Studies as Critical Theory, 2010, Henan University Press.

3.Translated novel, Passing Under Heaven, Anhui Literature and Art Press, 2013.

4.Translated work,Cultural Theory: the Key Concept, 2016, Henan University Press.


Research Projects

 1. College English Education Reform, Beijing Education Commission, 2014.

2. Hunan Social Sciences Fund Committee Project: Orientalism in Cross-cultural Communication, 2007-2009.

3. China Social Sciences Fund Committee Project: Cross-cultural Studies on English Writing on China after WWII, 2010-2012.  



    The International Association for Intercultural Communication ( IAIC)

    The Asian Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (Asia TEFL)

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