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WU Guangjun
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  Dr. Wu Guangjun, Professor of Translation Studies, Doctoral Supervisor, Dean of School of English Language, Literature and Culture.


  Professor Wu has a Ph.D. from Beijing Foreign Studies University. He is a member of Translators Association of China, China Association for Comparative Studies of English and Chinese, and an evaluation expert of China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center.

  He has published extensively on literary translation, corpus-based translation research, translation quality assessment, translator training, and oral interpretation. The following are some of his publications: “A Chinese-English Comparable Corpora Based Study of the Collocational Features of Translated Texts” (China Social Sciences Press, 2014) ; “The Transformation of Translatorial Identity and the Shift of Translation Style:  A Comparison of the three version of the she king by James Legge “(coauthored with Liu Tingting, Perspectives, 2016); “Translating Political Ideology: A Case Study of the Chinese translations of the English news headlines concerning South China Sea disputes on the website of www.ftchinese.com “(coauthored with Zhang Huanyao, Babel, 2015); “A Study of Translation Learning Beliefs and the Features of their Development” (Foreign Language World, 2013); Consecutive interpretation: A Discourse Approach (coauthored with Wang Kefei, Meta, 2009); Rethinking the Research on Translated Literature in China (Translation Quarterly, 2008).

  His recent courses include: Chinese-English Translation; Discourse and Translation; Research Methods in Translation Studies.Currently, his research focuses on translation of contemporary Chinese literature into English and the cognitive explorations of translation process.


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